about Wearality

Our Mission

The Wearality team has spent the last five years developing patented world-class technologies for virtual reality (VR) at Lockheed Martin for the defense and aerospace industry. We are translating this cutting edge, patent protected, technology into consumer and commercial head wearable displays that are the lightest, most portable, most cost effective devices available, and offer the most immersive experience on the market today.

Our Vision

The next level of virtual reality (VR) wearable technology is here. We took a different approach; the lenses and the optics are the key to unlocking the ability to really experience what immersive 3D worlds are meant to be. Wearality wants to provide the tools to unleash this revolution of creative talent and ability to launch a new medium.


We are at the forefront of optical technology for VR and AR solutions. Our patented stacked curved fresnels offer the greatest field of view and clarity over any other lens on the market.

Virtual Reality

The Wearality Sky is the most portable virtual reality device on the market. Its compact fold-able design allows for a 3D experience on the go.  Using our state of the art optics, you don’t have to compromise quality for portability.

Augmented Reality

If you think the real world could use some spicing up, our augmented technologies (coming soon) will do just that. Full vision augmented reality will soon be the standard to push the technology forward.

Limitless VR

With the widest field of view (FOV) of any head wearable display today, Wearality Sky gives users a new way to look at the world. Driven by Lockheed Martin state-of-the-art, patented, double Fresnel lens technology, Sky gives you an unmatched, crystal clear focus with little to no color distortion.

This expansive FOV and open design also reduces or eliminates the “simulation sickness” often experienced by users of other VR systems.

Wearality Sky