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    Being a VR photographer, I’ve tried a lot of phone-based VR viewers over the past two years. Only 3 of them earned an “acceptable” rating from me: the Hasbro My3D, the Goggletech C1 and the Samsung GearVR. Everything else had crummy optics and/or mechanics and/or was impossibly cumbersome to use. My3D only works with old, small, low resolution phones (and is off the market); but like the C1 it has good lenses and lets you get a finger on the screen. Keeping C1 and phone together can be challenging. GearVR is good in its native proprietary modes, with a usable user interface, but it is too cumbersome for viewing web based content, where the UI has to be disabled and you have no access to the phone screen.

    Now Wearality Sky is #1 on all counts. Best optics, best mechanics, best screen access.

    Until I tried the Sky, I thought GVR and C1 had the best optics possible in a phone stereoscope. No way. In addition to a bigger field of view, Sky offers a huge ‘sweet spot’ — you can move the lenses quite far, relative to your eyes, without losing focus or gaining color fringes. An amazing feat of optical engineering, with a real payoff in terms of usability.


    Patrick Goergen


    Thank you for your kind review. We have put much thought and hard work into making our optics and device easy to use while providing an exceptional experience.

    Wearality Co-Founder



    But now we need a QR code to make it work with cardboard app!


    Wendy Howell

    There is a QR code on the “Wearality Sky Setup” page: http://wearality.com/skysetup/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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