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    I like this wearality sky. I’m using an LG G3, which has a 5.5in QHD IPS display. But now I want more.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a larger screen and the software to use it?

    I have an ipad mini, with is 7.9in with 324dpi. The pixels are big, but not outright terrible and it has a decent fill being IPS. The screen takes up the entire view of the glasses, which is pretty cool. The problem is, I don’t have any software that is capable of outputting the proper image on IOS for the wearality.

    the the ipad a bust, I’m looking for a QHD small tablet/phablet. The closest I have found is the Huawai Mediapad M3 with 8.4″ and 359ppi. Overkill on the size, but slightly better ppi than the ipad I test. I suppose it’s hard to find a 7″ QHD screen now days? I don’t know if the Huawai would work, but I would hope that it being android will allow me to use cardboard codes to get the right image on it… or minimally, get something like VRTV to work, which can adjust the inter-lense distance.

    Lastly, it would be back to phones in the 6″+ range, but I’d prefer to avoid pentile displays

    Thoughts? Thanks!



    Well, it turns out I could install google cardboard on my ipad mini 2, but the app store wouldn’t let me search for it. When I took the direct link, it allowed me to install and use it luckily enough. However, Youtube does not recognize that my Mini2 can do VR and will not present an icon. YouTube doesn’t work yet. So I have a successful test, but only with the cardboard app.

    The QR codes are all way off the cardboard app on the mini2. I had to generated my own QR using these settings (I had to divide actual measurements by 2 to get them to work for whatever reason):
    Screen to lens distance: 18mm
    Inter-lens distance: 32mm
    screen vertical alignment: 28mm from bottom
    Distortion: .4 on both
    FOV: 75 on all four (top, bottom, left, right)

    I didn’t have any luck with other VR apps in the app store. Either they didn’t support a cardboard profile or they didn’t translate the same as the cardboard app.

    The 7.9in screen consumes the entire view inside the glasses. screen door is as present as you might imagine. The lens affect are very noticeable in the peripherals this way. In the end, this test allowed me to measure the part of the visible screen, which was 5.75″x2.5″. That means a 6.5in 18×9 phone should fill in the view similarly. Or a 6.4in for 18.5×9.

    Well, that’s all I have. the ipad mini isn’t very good for this. Knowing the measurements now, my next step would probably be a big ass phone, which would give far better ppi.

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