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Autodesk helps people imagine, design, and create a better world.

A virtual reality research group dedicated to figuring out how to make awesome virtual reality media while sharing our results along the way.

Edge Visual come from making blockbuster movies such as Jurassic World and Harry Potter, to bring you digital immersive experiences in VR and beyond. From real-time/interactive to combined footage and visual effects, to projecting onto buildings and more

A company dedicated to mastering the ever evolving field of technology in order to put that tech to good use.

ImmersiveWorlds is an interactive virtual reality development platform that offers unique new ways to discover, share, collaborate and conduct commerce.

WEVR is a virtual reality community and VR media player for aspiring and professional creatives.

Indie game studio from Orlando Florida working non-stop with friends in Leap Motion, Epic Games, Oculus VR, Wearality and UCF’s SVAD to up their game and bring new experiences to audiences of all ages and technical skills.

We build the most transcendent virtual worlds for the entertainment, games, music and advertising industries.

Creators of high quality 3D VR content for the entertainment and commercial industries.

3D ICC’s Immersive Terf™ platform is part Collaboration, Part 3D Gaming…. All business!

Geosim’s groundbreaking geospatial technology encodes and visualizes entire cities with high precision, unmatched visual fidelity and smooth, continuous navigation.